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Hi there. If you have come to this site by accident, please feel free to look around and send me an E-Mail if you want.

Any way, if you haven't reached this site by accident, then let me expliain what it's all about.

I have decided to let all you see how our lovely family did in our picture shot.

This is of Dan and his mother, Leona. (171.58K)

Derek, Audrey, Leona, and Jared. (168.50K)

A very nice photo of Audrey. Don't you agree? (160.67K)

Here's the casual photo of us all. (201.17K)

The Family. (176.75K)

Me and my brother Derek. ( I'm Jared in case any of you are wondering!) (127.88K)

Here is a link to my dads WEB SITE
Check it out!

The lovely Williams Clan! (175.84K)

Here is the last but not least photo of us all. (200.57K)


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